Clinical Coders, Auditors and Activity Based Funding Specialists

Our Management

Maurine Gibbons is the Director of MG Health. She is a Certified Health Information Manager (HIM/CHIM), a member of HIMAA, CCSOA and various leadership groups.

Maurine has more than 20 years of experience in Clinical Coding ICD10-AM ACHI, ACS, Casemix and Activity Based Funding for Australian Health Care providers.

Andrew Gibbons is Director and our CFO. He is responsible for all the legal and business requirements of our company.

As we move through ICD10-AM toward ICD11, MG Health will continue to cascade knowledge, educate and keep in touch with IHPA ACE developments, for the benefit of Australian Hospitals

Maurine Gibbons


Our Team

Maurine and her team currently work in a vast array of NSW public and private hospitals.

We understand Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) across multiple versions and health fund requirements, contracts and data submission.

The entire team are constantly employed in roles and always fully ID checked.

Our Clinical Coding team are HIMAA Certified Clinical Coders and Government approved. They range from intermediate to senior levels of experience in the classification field.

We also have practising auditors on hand ready to support your coder education.

Whether you need a quick visit to clear backlogs or to facilitate a weekly turnover, we can meet your coding, reporting and remuneration needs.

MG Health staff have worked with a large array of hospital networks and computer software products:

We will do our best to offer the best prices in Australia and would like the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you.